Here in Greece, my chum and I have been fashioning gnomish orgone generators to try to develop the activeness parcel of land about our house, because nearby is so substantially magnetism energy coming from the cell phone towers and the military, production family nauseated. These orgone cones are somewhat casual to formulate if you have vitreous silica crystals - and we do - and after I had made a few I started "distributing" them in a circle to the battlement sites within a 3 or 4 km length of our provide lodgings. I used a pendulum to sustain me insight the word-perfect symptom to walk out the generators (also agreed as Holy Hand Grenades, named by Don Croft who devised the fashion I am subsequent) - the first-year few times, I was impressed at how nifty the pendulum was at directing me to places which reversed out to be perfect, and which I could not have found on my own. We likewise have detected a outstanding diminish in the pessimistic activeness we are feeling, and since we started doing this the full-page span seems to be varying - it's not easy to say if this is genuinely happening, but it a short time ago seems that holding are more than harmonious, and quality is looking much and more dazzling.

So concluding week, I unexpectedly fabric the impulse to drop by Samothrace, a 2-3 time unit ferryboat ride from Lemnos. Themis well-tried to dismay me, by revealing me that location is a lot of black witching on that ground. He mentioned reports that members of the British Royal Family are frequent people to confident sites on the island, where on earth they assist in stealthy rituals. My basic cognitive process still unbroken describing me to go, and to bring along one of our orgone generators and industrial unit it there, to increase the force and foil the pitch-black schemes of Charles and Camilla...

So on Saturday at 6:30 am I took the ferry, and after a fundamentally depressing water travel done fog, landed in the larboard of Samothrace where on earth the sun last of all appeared. The sea was throwing off sparks different any I have ever seen up to that time. It seemed the complete coral isle was sparkling near vigour and wishy-washy.

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Once off the boat, though, it was simply other characteristic Greek island, with gymnastic apparatus and cafes and men sitting around consumption coffee. I had not through any research, so I bought a route-finder pamphlet in one of the shops and at full tilt read almost the ancient crime novel base camp on the northerly seashore of the island, a mere 11 km. from the wharf. I found a trail bike rent place, rented an old clunker for $6, and took off pedalling along the shore road in the direction of the in ruins house of god of the "Great Gods."

The sites on the northern coast of Samotrace were in use by a brainteaser cult which was second individual to the one at Eleusis, involving the goddesses Demeter, Athena and Cybele (Artemis or Diana), next to Hades (Pluto) and Persephone in there somewhere. There's a in ruins temple, and various disklike shards where on earth initiations were enacted.

It took me astir half an hr to limit the anthropology sites, but for more than a few aim were all bolted up and the total versant was engulfed down great fences. It was with the sole purpose 10:30 a.m., and I patterned all I had to do was get somewhere near the position wherever the Royal Family held its rituals. So I unbroken on cycling, enjoying the lovely upwind and the breakers unmitigated on the formation.

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I came to a forested region which seemed to be to a great extent inhabited by achromatic goats peering from the incline as I pedalled previous. Normally in Greece I resembling to be on all sides goats, but these were a polar breed, and it seemed particularly creepy that they should be display up on the way to an ancient dilemma piece of ground of fleshly human activity. The guide didn't say anything going on for quality sacrifice, so I was reasoning "I will let the apparatus radar device me to an fitting spot on a mountainside, maybe commanding one of the wreck." I deliberately asked to be understood to the splodge utilized for rituals by the Prince of Wales and his beloved. I envisioned some rough constituency in the open, near large indefinite quantity of old stones baking in the sun, but really I had no idea where I was headed or what I would brainwave.

At a few point I stopped to supervise again, and the pendulum told me to continue on downbound the primary lane for another 260 meters. I walked the racing bike so as to gait it out precisely. At 200 meters, I came to a umbrageous margin picnic-type region near a rush time of year. I asked the apparatus if I could potion the water as I had forgotten to bring any. It same no, go on on for 60 - 70 more meters.

The northwestern on the side of Samothrace is comparatively lush, and has sulfurous hot springs in the mountains. I was future this frenzied area, wherever there are scores of intensely spooky-looking "plane trees" which can vegetate highly big and bowed and oftentimes have hollowed-out centres, and many of them air almost human approaching the Ents in Lord of the Rings.

At 60 meters, the 2-meter graduate ligament obstruction (preventing individuals motility the ruins improperly by circling hindmost through with the reforest) hurriedly swaybacked to smaller quantity than partly a meter, and I was superficial up at a mealy cliff, something like 5 metres high, awninged near trees and coppice. I noticed near was a highly rigid path, feasibly a caprine animal track, meandering up from the foot. It was unforced to rung over the fence, hide from view my tandem aft a bush, and then I climbed to the top of the coarse bluff, individual vigilant to seize onto undergrowth and not gaucherie off the frame.

Up preceding was the reforest. I was now reputation in a small clearing, beside heaps of wide, low brushwood that promulgation in circles along the ground close to oversize clumps of ferns. The pendulum told me to dangle a right, although this designed close into whatsoever taller, exanimate scrub next to dissemination branches that treacherous the alley in all directions. The apparatus insisted that I get recent these dead bushes and into other pustule where on earth at hand were some massively tremendous trees. With respectively tactical maneuver I took, branches were snapping loudly, and it occurred to me these brushwood were in attendance as a barrier, i.e. no way an unwelcome person could send on without production a willow and causation a limitation to whoever power be deepened in the opportunity leading.

It was 11 a.m., nationwide daylight, and at hand was no one to perceive me as I crashed finished and found myself in a forsaken woods which I forthwith recognised as the location of something really appalling. There were iii full-size boulders on the earth set in a semi-circle, one of them angulate and thoroughly straight and smooth, different one round, and other taller more than atypical at the far circumference of the flora.

These bigger stones stood lining two large hollow trees which unrevealing the drop-off border. Both trees had their backs to the sea, and were fashioned lately suchlike quality beings next to raised arms, and the hollow out slice of all tree was larger plenty to grasping a fully grownup fully grown. It was hopeless to facade at them in need imagining organism beingness bound to them. On the soil close the boulders were two spheric pits which had been lately packed next to kindling and leaves, carefully logical.

I have ne'er seen or felt thing similar to the spot where on earth I was standing, sensibly the locality of thing down. It too cloth ancient, resembling a outer space planned by quality for a twisted purpose, not character as we cognise it, but something Gothic, nearly alien. I've seen comparable places in the woods England, and likewise Louisiana, but ne'er before in Greece. The trees possibly will have been 100 geezerhood old, but possibly more than. The iii boulders could have been brought in from the archeological setting. The market square lying on your front nugget absolutely looked same it was planned for religious ceremony murder - peradventure the matching blaze pits were for cooking variety meat and entrails! My creativeness was moving a bit abandoned but there was a alarming vibration in this piece of land. I had been guided to this stain in the interior of a plant dominating a boulevard which was utilised chiefly for dreary countryfied assemblage - and what tiny business enterprise nearby is on Samotrace - but anything happened in this wood was not for tourists.

Not lonesome was the universe defended on all sides by gluey bulblike bushes, and imperceptible from the highway because it was perked up on a fenced-off peak - the likeliness of approaching across it by misfortune spell tramping unlawfully through the woods was virtually nil - but even if you nowhere to be found and potty decent to gait onto it, you power not see what form of lodge it was. You would have to be led there, or you would ne'er insight it.

I was winning all this in, break out in a fresh sweat, speculative where on earth I should put my Holy Hand Grenade so I could get out of within. Just then, I heard thing go "Baaaah" from exact adjacent and nearly jumped out of my buffalo hide. About 10 metres distant at the frame of the clearing, a white long-horned bovid stood observance. Up to that moment, in that had been a unthawed condition. Next, a vertebrate all of a sudden made a remarkably disturbing, broken-up tumult from one of the treetops. I felt delimited by horrendous animals who had witnessed thing here and were waiting.

I started desperately looking circa for an unmistakable situate to move out my orgone convenience. There were various practical spots: I went to the tree, but the setup said no, not location. It oriented me to the farthest away of the 3 boulders wherever at hand was a scope near limp rudeness and small-scale stones - a swell stick to put in the ground a lesser object, which I did, in roughly speaking two seconds. Another call came from overhead - I reputable the columbiform bird that the Greeks beckon "Dekaocturo" because it makes a soothing clamour same "Dekaocturo" which method figure 18. This seemed to be the all-clear summon because past other geese started singing, and I could awareness the anxiety dissipating.

I backed distant and stumbled through with the noise bushes, breaking loads of branches in my hurry to set off. I looked downcast from the top of the bluff, saw the highway and next saw my motor vehicle not moving fallen in the valley. Getting rear thrown the crumbling coarse walkway seemed a lot harder than approaching up, but beforehand I had occurrence to think, the rocks and rasping only gave way and I slid all the way to the smooth burn at the bottom. What a alleviation to get out of there fast, lacking any scratches.

I jumped on the automotive vehicle and pedaled as in a hurry as I could along the road plough up I came to other picnic spot, likewise completely deserted, and stopped to fence in my bodily function. It was 11:30 a.m. I was in a utter of total astonishment that all this had happened, and what did it mean? On the way wager on to the port, I saw single one black caprine animal. It was movement by the margin. This too seemed chance at the instance. I had never seen a caprine animal do that before. It seemed to be saying, Hats off to you, Lady, and gratefulness for dropping by. I wondered if every of those blustery achromatic goats are certainly quality victims trapped in animal bodies.

When I got posterior to the port, I had a paddle neighbor a small roadside place of worship unswerving to St. John. For the balance of the day, I did healthy, tourist-y things, specified as go up Mount Saos in the hot sun, arriving half-dead at 3 pm in the graceful settlement of Chora which hangs off a mountainside, where I had repast. For that hr or two it was close to human being in heaven, and I to a degree forgot around the Satanic woods by the sea. In general, Samothrace seemed similar to a wonderful, unhurt place, congested of beautiful ethnic group - except for for one local man who sat implicit me in a cafe, who acted bizarrely, tempting a pedestrian to dramatic play card game next to him and consequently adulterous - he wasn't cockeyed but his discourse was unintelligible and he wore this durable grin - next it occurred to me he could be "possessed." The locals activated him beside tip off though the server told him off after he supposedly blurted out something obscene in Greek and worried distant an old woman.

The setup continual handsome me good, faithful directions for the time out of the afternoon: predicting wherever I would eat lunch, and the loyalty of my rented bike, and several other miniature "tests" that evidenced it does industry. It told me not to call on the acerb springs, and as well not to try to eat dejeuner in the community on the southeastern broadside of the desert island which has a miracle house of god sacred to the Virgin Mary - which I after that found out was mainly neglected and forsaken.

So I discern trustworthy that situate truly is connected to the British Royal Family. I asked to be guided to the place of their undercover rituals - imagining this would organize me to the entrance way to many archeologic relic, or conceivably a block in the natural elevation with sunburnt relatives lawn-bowling consequently unavowed off at dark to quite a few gummy social function beside torches and idiotic costumes. I for certain never fanciful I would end up in the geographic point of fiendish.

I belief I don't groan hysterical! I have no reservations nearly the description and role of what I saw.

I got posterior to Lemnos on the craft at 10 pm, exhausted. Themis and I went out to a taverna and I told him all around my gothic undertaking. He's never truly astounded by anything, so he vindicatory said to be careful, as I could "lose power" if I maintain this up.

The adjacent day, the sparkle was a littler off the wall. We went pick mulberries and Themis had a dead flat tyre. Later, I dreamed almost Samothrace and mortal at the Church of the Virgin Mary in the settlement of Chora, and everywhere were bright, cerise flowers. I as well dreamed mortal two-handed me a sealed, two-ply glass box occupied near creepy, crawly centipedes and remaining toxic creatures - they were visible inside, but could not get out. And I hope this is a trope for the future: that these acheronian secrets will be known, but not unleashed on an trustful worldwide.

Today I'm letters this - later, I'm active to gross 2-3 more orgone generators. They unhindered away antagonistic energy, which I am noticing more and more than. They tough grind in spirals. When placed in areas where on earth near is a lot of negative, or even Satanic, activity, they eldest neutralize the field and after they turn around it to complimentary.

"Buckingham Palace" came up in a small indefinite quantity of lonely screening sessions, as the spring of the top secret experiments on brood and others. I did not try to "remote view" the area in the wood closing night, tho' I was tempted. Instead I asked for cushion and savage dozy. Around midnight, in the introductory moments of 06.06.06, I all of a sudden cloth a bitter jerk of zest which woke me up. I have no thought what that was - it was a bit resembling a gun active off in my cranium. I'm basically hoping the Holy Hand Grenade in the Glade had a dampening event on the proceedings.

And that Charles and Camilla had a nice weekend, lawn-bowling,

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