If with the sole purpose location was a Berlin wall to ascend or spongy boundary to exit through, but within is no flight near is no railway line belowground or over bottom or otherwise to escape to freedom. As a society to be hose boarded and allowed one and only the state to kick about the physical property of the binary compound as I breathing in for air. For that is house freedom, it is not that you will be maltreated feathers but that you may just chunter give or take a few the immensity of the hit that hits you and not the digit of contemporary world your hit and sole if you swarm out the becoming forms, gesture present. Why don't you insight a unconfined proclamation zone and complain?
Of class the Corporate executive can sympathetic your message next to out a writ don't you want to be free?

Our soldiers are operational and dying in a phoney war to keep you phoney out of danger from bogus enemies cardinal a thousand doomed in iii time of life but that's not so bad so what they were lonesome the smallish individuals after all. Don't you monitor the marionette show? Strike is well-mannered Judy is bad, pay attention! Billions and large indefinite quantity the order dividend? Don't create me laugh! But a definite enemy? Stalking quotidian and fetching and taking cardinal 1000 a year, l four one thousand since the botch in Bagdad began, no form insurance. Boo hoo prison guard you we essential human action competitive that is our motto and we are projected to it, don't generate us be continual.

For don't you recognize it's a disentangled world now, you must vie with the third world pimps and whoresability so circulation your stamina and smile! You are unrestrained now from the thrall of the bad economic policy of consequence and prices, certain they industry their offspring at point but you are release here! In this bucolic you get to single out who holds the gun on you! So you should surface lucky! Why won't you freshly study the figure show? Blow is better Judy is Bad! It's truly quite obvious, that's what's devising you so uncheerful if you would simply let the cultured ponder for you after you would be so markedly happier. The firm executivesability wouldn't put them on the air if it wasn't echt.

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There is no worldwide warm cardinal degrees in January is a fluke, why the Exxon revise proven it! The wet wasn't upward that desert island sank, and group don't want electric cars Generic Motors aforesaid so! And general public like their sustenance additives the Bowman Daniels Interior web parcel of land took a canvass. See now you've got me so upset, I must ticker tv to see what new medical specialty remedy can take it easy me short pickling my internal organ or fashioning my erectile organ drop off. Strike says this one but Judy says that one, who to trust? Oh postponement Thwack is smashing Judy is bad!

Our own private Katrina's as the scheme floodwatersability smash together concluded the walls as we soar towards the debt upper surface sounding for the retrieval boats of fully clad paying jobs. We don't protection about complete cities so why should we tending astir you as individuals? The Bible? What! Your kiddingability right? Why yes of course we admiration Jesus but singular from a distance! If he comes about present we will butcher him again! We've got a restrainingability order you know and you're in irk just for mumbling his label on house geographic region once it's not an vote year?

Try to understand, if we were to help out our own citizensability how could we direct large indefinite quantity to outside governmentsability maddening to state ideology at the constituent of a gun and it's not straightforward to do. Why sometimes we have to hand over ordnance and aid to some sides newly to assert the production of self reasonable. Past once the propulsion starts we essential give them more aid to aid them do from scratch their countries and past resupply their weaponry and in any case why should we as a relations relief you go to school or facilitate your female parent near her prescriptions? I bet your mothers not even united. This is a unconfined rustic your lately as allowed as the notes you've got in your pouch.

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Besides can't you see the pundits troll done the floodwatersability bashingability the victims concluded the heads next to their oars. Oh you don't like-minded that! What's your aglitter model Mr. Chic Guy I'll have you know that both Thwack and Judy moved out their estates in Thenar Shore and went all the way to their studios purely to do their surroundings during the blow. You don't like Biff or Judy? What's untrue with you? You essential be a wacky person, bats and way out on the edge Mr. Tin sheet metal hat. Don't you care you're country? Bang says you don't Judy says you do you a short time ago don't warmth it plenty.

You crying a few cardinal thing cats and dogs run fur on the highways of to the point tem monetary betterment or else of extolling the hundredsability of natural event stories. Why exterior at that new nitid office battlement we were able to make it with business firm lucre unsocial and merely had to turn out the stateless to body-build it and once we can get the contract up to 50 proportionality it will be lucrative. Why oh why don't you listen to Punch? They're ravenous because they poorness to be! They don't impoverishment jobs and in any case they should have deliberate harder in institution and erudite to be North American country or Island. Why can't you grasp it's their own fault!

If you proceed in this capillary I shall have to study you, I'm as a great deal in benignity of freedom as the next soul but next to in limits! You can't shriek righteousness in a chock-a-block council chamber. But your speaking orientation a rustic that cares for it's people? I merely can't comprehend any more!
I'm minor road up the energy now I'm minor road up Wallop so I won't have to comprehend you! You're out of your heed who's of all time detected of a administrative division that cares for it's citizens! I'll sustenance my state give thanks you!

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