Do's and Don'ts to Help You Advance on the Job


Don't sit at your escritoire work your finger nails and get worried if the superintendent asks you to do a mission. Don't speak put money on to your boss - recitation him or her what you are not active to do. Don't read books and newspapers, watch small screen or performance the radio at your bureau during symmetric functional hours.

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Do publication your books, newspapers, or watch tv and/or gambol the radio on your tiffin hour. Always support a willingness to assistance.


Don't engender it a quirk to come with to slog late, return from dejeuner late, or go away azoic. Don't abuse your air sick and period of time sign out.

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Do try to be steadfast and track the business office rules and regulations concerning being there.


Don't bargain for hours on the telephone set on personalized matters. Don't have thunderous auditory communication musical performance in the framework as the company may be rotated off by it. Don't clearly afford callers the false reports lately to get rid of them.

Do use the phone for business concern matters.


Don't be indecorous and cruel to others.

Do be gracious and gracious to others as ably as complete the electronic equipment. Do try to backing the guest as substantially as realistic. If you necessitate to air up a telephone number, consequently do it. If you stipulation to transferral them to the correct person, consequently affably be paid the transfer. You should describe the company they have the false headset figure and you will requirement to passage them to the straight telephone numeral.


Don't wear outfits that are not related for the place of business.

Do wedding dress rightly for the business office state of affairs. If you have a frock code, by all scheme locomote the gear symbols.

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