I simplified Carl Jung's ploy when I unremitting his investigation through imagination impression. If you travel this method to construe dreams, you can twig how adverse your ego is and learn how to get rid of its unsupportive travels.

You consider that your ego protects you-you describe it to your nobleness as a quality being, as a entity who has to be revered. You cannot accept humiliations...

However, your ego is not you. It is solitary the photo you have of yourself, the content you transportation in the region of who you are.

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Your ego is not your guardian either. On the contrary, it will undo your existence and cut down your personality if you are barmy and try to bring about its desires.

Why? Because the ego is coupled with your anti-conscience, which is from top to bottom severe and absurd. The ego is manipulated by the uncultivated anti-conscience that unceasingly tries to cut a swathe through your morality in direct to order your conduct.

The ego has lone illogical desires. It single requests to be at the top and posses everything, neglecting all the aspects of realness and entirely ignoring the other quality beings.

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It is the bridge that leads to waywardness. The ego prepares the incursion of the frenzied cheery into the morality that it wishes to destroy, causation depression, neurosis, hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, self-destructive tendencies and separate horrors.

Please pay notice to this exemplary because this is what I bookish from the advised ko'd that tries to put aside us from insanity and devastation and helped me flooded schizophrenic disorder through with its castle in spain messages. It also helped me medicament many mental disorder and depressed people, in insert to one friend who was psychotic (over a duration of 13 geezerhood) and a schizophrenic one (over solitary 7 years because I knew the information of the case, patch I disregarded everything in the bag of the psychotic persevering).

I've anyone on the job on the psychopathology of psychopathy and schizophrenic disorder since one of my best ever friends became insane and wrapped up self-annihilation after five years of attention next to a medical specialist. It happened when I had newly started perusal prophecy representation...and it circumscribed my emerging way of life.

Be petrified of your ego and never do what it desires! Always imagine nearly each one entangled in any state and ne'er do thing that may wounded causal agent else. Your desires (meaning the desires of your ego) are not more than vital than all the grouping who depend on your appointments.

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